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Washington DC Gay Gang Fights The Power




Sopranos/ Boardwalk Empire star Steve Buscemi is co-producing a new documentary about a gay African American gang street gang called Check It, who fought back against bullies in Washington DC after forming in 2005.


“Some of the boys wear lipstick and mascara, some stilettos. They carry Louis Vuitton bags, but they also carry knives, brass knuckles and mace,” says the synopsis on its (already successful) crowd-funding page.


“As vulnerable gay and transgender youth, they’ve been shot, stabbed and raped.  Once victims, they’ve now turned the tables, and they’re fighting back.”


“We live in an age where gay bashing worldwide is increasingly met with zero tolerance, but in these kid’s neighborhoods and others like it, it happens with mind-numbing regularity and no media coverage,” the synopsis continues.


“The Check It is one small gang in one city, but they reflect a national issue. Being gay in poor, violent African American neighborhoods carries a dangerous stigma. For The Check It and those like them, standing up for who they are is more than an issue of gay pride–it’s risking their lives.”









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