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Activists Attack Apple’s ‘Planned obsolescence’ Upgrades


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Over 150,000 people have signed a new petition calling on Apple to abandon their approach of pushing ‘upgrades’ which sabotage older Iphones, pads and computers.


“Apple — the most valuable company in the world — could easily extend the life of older devices. The company simply has to stop aggressively pushing software “upgrades” to devices which will become significantly slower as a result,” the petition says.


“And “downgrades” need to be possible without computer hacking skills, so iPhone and iPad users can always get back to the way things were before if needed.” 


The petition says Apple responded to ‘people power’ by ‘phasing out toxic chemicals when public pressure became too strong to ignore’ and outlines the companies sales tactics in explicit detail.


“Apple has been sabotaging devices for years with software “upgrades” that slow every iPhone and iPad except the very latest model. It’s a strategy called planned obsolescence, and its one of the ways that Apple and other gadget makers are getting so filthy rich while the planet and everyone else pays.” It says.


iOS 10 will be released in just a few months time. Anyone with a perfectly functional iPhone or iPad bought two years ago would do well to ignore the prompts to “Install Now”. But Apple will be pushing upgrade notices to millions of those customers anyway, because every frustrated user with a sluggish device is another sales prospect.”


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