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Hackney Nightlife Organisation Asks for Action





Activist from “We Love Hackney’ have called on people living in the East London borough to fill in a new online survey posted by the Council which links nightlife to ‘alcohol abuse and increased anti-social behaviour’.


“Last year we stunned the council and made headlines when thousands of us protested against their plans for 1980s opening hours. Some people say that young people don’t care about their local area. We proved that was wrong and Hackney Council were forced to listen,” they declared in a defiant newsletter.


“Across Hackney, our friends and neighbours are filling in the council’s new survey on local nightlife. Many of those doing the survey are the same people who wanted a night time curfew last year,” they warned.


“They are the same people who agreed that new dance and music venues in Hackney were “not considered appropriate”,” the continued, “but we cannot let those who want a clampdown on local culture be the only voice the council hears.”


The council survey quizzes locals about evening entertainment and night-time (midnight-6am), specifically ‘socialising in pubs, bars and clubs, restaurants, music venues, theatres, cinemas etc.


“We want to effectively manage the growth of the evening and night-time economy,” says the council, concluding ominously ‘as we know that these areas are also highly residential neighbourhoods’.


Hackney Council survey- click here.



Dave Swindells’ back in the day club/ rave photos of Hackney:


‘Legacy in the Dust: The Four Aces Story’: ‘The film charts the life and death of the legendary ‘The Four Aces Club’, which began in 1966 in the entrance halls of the late nineteenth century Dalston Coliseum and theatre buildings’: click here to contribute:





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