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Drug Deaths Force Fabric To Close





London superclub fabric issued a last minute ‘newsflash’  on Thursday afternoon announcing they decided to stay shut for this weekend (August 12 and 13), in response to police concerns about drugs.


“For the past 2 years fabric has operated without incident but tragically in the past 9 weeks two 18-year-old boys have died as a consequence of drug overdoses,” they revealed.


“In order to understand how this has happened we have agreed with the police and other agencies to suspend our operation whilst we investigate. The club will therefore be closed this weekend.” (Fabric )


Speaking to the Evening Standard, an Islington Council spokesman hinted the closure could be longer.


“After two recent drug-related deaths, the Metropolitan Police has applied for an interim suspension of Fabric’s licence. This application is yet to be determined,” they said,


Details of fabric’s currently temporary closure emerged just days after police in Ibiza issued a warning about potentially lethal ecstasy pills in circulation on the island aftet they seized 90 400MG pills pressed with the logo of Marco Carola’s massively popular Amnesia party Music On.


“The really alarming thing about this case is that an ecstasy tablet normally has about 80 milligrams of MDMA and in this case, the 90 pills which imitated the logo of a well-known Ibiza party, had 400mg,” Spain’s National Police said in a statement:


“This amount is around five times the normal dose and a single tablet can produce death,” they continued.


“Other serious side-effects include heart attacks, epileptic attacks, cardiac arrhythmia, and seizures as well as hyperthermia where the body temperature rises about 39 degrees Celsius.” ( )







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