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Charity Blames Drug Deaths on UK Prime Minister





Leading UK drugs agency Transform has accused new British leader Teresa May of being personally responsible for drug related fatalities, via an uncompromising post on Twitter last week.


“We all want to keep our communities safe and any of use could be affected by drugs. But the Home Office, under Teresa May’s watch – is responsible for the highest number of drugs deaths ever recorded,” Transform noted.


“That the Prime Minister keeps claiming her drug policy is working should send a chill down the spine of every reasonable person in the country,” they continued.


“We need responsible reforms that take the drug market away from dealers and puts it into the hands of doctors and pharmacists.” (Transform)


In related news, former May colleague and semi-disgraced Government Minister John Whittingdale, turned up at Ushaia in Ibiza this week, where he was ‘making the most of life’, the Daily Star reported.


“It was great,” Whittingdale, who was sacked by May some months ago, told the tabloid.


“Dance music in a club is as much about the light show, the atmosphere and the volume as the music itself,” he gushed, “If you listen to it in your car it’s not quite the same.” (Daily Star)


While the Star (somewhat bizarrel) said May sacked him for ‘backing Brexit’ it also repeated details of a scandal that damaged him 5 months ago when he was exposed in the press for dating for 2 years ‘former Page 3 girl Stephanie Hudson, 36, and a dungeon dominatrix he met on a dating website.’











Click to access Transform on Twitter


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