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Club 414 & fabric Fight Back



click to sign the 414 petition



“London is now crammed full of ‘trendy’ restaurants, bars and soulless venues providing dreary events with no substance. People will become bored of that trend, yet they have never tired of this club.”


New petition Save 414 calls on clubbers to help save Brixton’s Club 414 against property developers (click here to sign )



“If we fall, every club in the UK is vulnerable to similar police action. There’s a very real threat that no one will ever invest in quality, well run, safe venues again. 


The world leading, exciting, pioneering musical culture that originates in London and the UK will be gone, and the cultural heritage it has created will wither on the vine. We must not allow the destruction of creativity in our night-time culture.”


As Fabric launch a campaign to raise funds for legal fees to help them get their licence back. (Click here to donate)


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