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Secret Island Founder Returns with Why Not (& Carl Craig)



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Swedish underground party promoter Bjorn Wurnbach is hosting a brand new festival called Why Not? this weekend in Gothenburg headlined by DJs including Carl Craig, Magda, Gloria Viagra and Joel Alter.


Chatting to Skrufff this week, the Swedish/ German nowadays ex-Berliner was candid about his motivations for returning to promoting after both his uber-acclaimed Secret Island Nation (SIN) festival stopped while follow up warehouse club Mythos was rapidly shuttered by over-zealous authorities.


Why did I decide to do it all again? Good question,” he admitted.


“When taking a break after Mythos and SIN I produced a few concepts and spoke to key people about it. Musikverket then decided to support this concept about underground music and the underrepresentation of women in that genre. Then, Goethe-Institut Schweden and Göteborg city’s event branch proved to be very supportive so we said WHY NOT try to create a legal event that could reach out to a broader audience. On the west coast of Sweden there is basically no venue for good electronic music and we try to fill that void a little bit.


Skrufff: What are the key lessons you’ve learned from Mythos?


Bjorn: “Firstly that there is a huge, absolutely huge, demand for underground parties in the nightlife of west Sweden. And secondly that non-commercial events are having a tough time being accepted by society, authorities and police. The third lesson was maybe hardest- that dealing with your partners when you have problems is one thing. But it’s entirely different when you have success.”


Skrufff: How’s the underground club scene/ vibe generally in Sweden right now?


Bjorn: “Stockholm is not too bad and has a few good options. Malmö a little but Göteborg, the second larges city of Sweden has maybe three ok parties per month, but small and not too ambitiously run. Still, Swedes travel to Berlin to enjoy a really big night out. In Sweden, after 3am McDonalds often is the after hour place.


Skrufff: What do the underground techno types make of all the Swedish EDM stars (Swedish House Mafia / Avicii) etc; have they in any way helped soften authorities’ attitudes towards nightlife?


Bjorn: “Who? Nah, no difference since they play stadiums like Bruce Springsteen. I can’t talk for others but personally I have not realized any positive impact. Their omnipresence on radio is really disturbing.”


Skrufff: How did you manage to persuade Carl Craig to take part? Easy?


Bjorn: “Haha, no, that took a lot of work. Fortunately, we worked with Monstera, a professional and experienced agency for Carl Craig as well as for the Hot Chip DJ set. They worked for at least 8 weeks to finally succeed, definitely not easy but worth the effort.”


Skrufff: What are the plans for future events? (assuming the party goes well?)


Bjorn: “We want this WHY NOT festival to be an annual event for many years to come. Sweden is ready and especially Göteborg needs more variety.”




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