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Barefoot Doctor; Righting Wrongs

what if we start assuming that despite how different we feel, despite how messy things have got from time to time, despite not being perfect, that our fundamental approach is right (for us), that we're fundamentally right and hence that whatever happens is fundamentally right.....? Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor- on Umek and Sharing Samples (& Ideas)

"While Umek may possibly trigger a minuscule royalty drop or a momentary run of copyists, the rewards he reaps even just in terms of the love and gratitude he'll be receiving from fellow producers all round the world will be far greater, and in the milieu of that love opportunities will be offered to him......." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit; on Britain’s Boarding School Bully Leaders

Leading Brit psychotherapist Nick Dufell published a new book Wounded Leaders last week in which he suggested many top politicians and business leaders are perpetuating highly dysfunctional cultures based on ‘elitism, bullying and misogyny’ because they were sent away to Boarding school as kids..... Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (677): Nicole Moudaber/ Louie Corrales/ Ohm Hourani/ Citizen Kain/ Bart Skils/ Butane & Stephanie/ Rob Hes

7 brand new Berlin club cuts..... Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor; Being a (Drunken) Gentleman Means Having Manners

"Getting out of it in a non-work, non-critical situation, whether on alcohol or anything else, is entirely the business of the out-of-it getter and is not for anyone else to judge one way or the other......." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor- on Political Correctness & Jayne County’s ‘Tranny’ Ban

"It's important – crucial – we learn to respect each other. That's what needs to be taught to young children in schools and to everyone else who doesn't know how to do it, through every means possible. When we respect each other we don't need externally imposed rules....." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor; What’s the Point of Work?

Pulitzer Prize winning author Hedrick Smith, author of ‘Who Stole the American Dream?’ recently asked ‘“People are beginning to ask: what's the point of work?. What's the point of trying to get ahead when even those who are working hard are falling behind.....?" Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit- The Ethics of Receiving (or Refusing) Honours & Prizes

"Personally I think even in this madhouse of ours, with rare exception, it's impolite to refuse an honour from anyone. Always receive, and be grateful must be the way of the well-mannered......." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor: On ‘Celebrity’ versus Authenticity

" One of our shortfalls is we still think dialectically – we still want to see things as either this or that, black or white. It's a collective immaturity and I believe we'll grow out of it. In the meantime, here we have this apparent contrast between the super-slick on the one hand and the super-real on the other…." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor on Class War (Greedy Rich vs Envious Poor) (Extended)

I spend a fair amount of time around superrich people and while they're certainly more comfortable and so on, they're not necessarily loving life any more than those without all that wealth, and usually far less. Watch the faces on the deck of any super-yacht or of those boarding a private jet and it's rare to spot a smile among them……" Continue reading

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