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Germany Calling Radio Show

Robert Hood’s Mission from God

“I’m giving people a choice and saying now you've had the blue pill, you can have the red pill. We have been living in the matrix but here's another choice in techno music......" Continue reading

Germany Calling- First in Mixcloud’s Berlin Chart

      We’re delighted to have learned from Mixcloud that our latest edition of Germany Calling (the Liar Show) is ‘first in the Berlin Chart’. Thanks for listening and supporting the show….  Continue reading

Get Physical’s Nick Galemore & Edouard Meen on Pioneer DJ Radio: We’re Both Real Bitches (interview)

"Use headphones listening to this one, sometimes 3 or 4 tracks are playing at the same time and you’ll truly appreciate it if you distinguish all its subtleties......" Continue reading

Roland Leesker (Get Physical) on Pioneer DE Radio- ‘I’m Not DJing for Money Anymore (interview)

"The mix is a pure collection of current Get Physical music tracks. We have so many good releases, there wasn´t space for any others and I always like to take the chance to promote our artists . . ." Continue reading

Deepchild- on Pioneer DJ Radio- I’m trying to Rediscover Techno-Fundamentals (interview)

"I’m focusing more on fairly gritty, up-front techno in my dj-mixes, with a few subtle references to Afro-Futurism and artistic-practice thrown in along the way, by way of sound-snippets and spoken word....." Continue reading

Rui Da Silva DJ Mix on Pioneer DJ Radio- Musically I’ve Never Been So Excited (interview)

, I'm a workaholic and a sucker for new knowledge. Since a very early age I have always stayed up for long stretches of time, then came the party years and the sleep deprivation continued during those years. These days I work very long hours so I usually average three to four hours’ sleep every night. The longest I’ve gone without sleeping? I don't know - probably two or three days....." Continue reading

Berlin’s Madmotormiquel on Germany Calling on Pioneer DJ Radio (Sept 27/ 29) (Interview)

"I wanted to take the listener on a journey though that’s always my ambition whenever I’m playing music. Sometimes the audience in a club isn't patient enough to let the story slowly unfold......" Continue reading

Sao Paulo’s Renato Cohen on Germany Calling on Pioneer DJ Radio (Sept 13/ 15) (Interview)

“The new mix is a selection of the tracks I've been playing often recently. For this particular mix, I used one turntable for vinyl and 2 cd players.” Continue reading

Jonty Skrufff Live at Katerholzig on Pioneer DJ Radio

"The set was recorded at Katerholzig last month in the club’s Hutte dance floor, the wooden hut style space on the left when you walk in. It’s quite different from my usual style....." Continue reading

Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) DJ Mix on Pioneer DJ Radio (30 August)

"I mixed it all in real time using a Numark VJ mixer. Sadly I have thousands of pieces of vinyl still in storage, and I’ve never really used CDs – when I moved to Brighton space was at a premium and I wasn’t DJing out much so I shifted to digital mixing. But at least it’s all live...." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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