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Simon Napier-Bell & The Real Keith Moon

          I came across a fascinating documentary about The Who’s infamous drummer Keith Moon last week (The Real Keith Moon) which prompted me to revisit sometime Skrufff contributor Simon Napier-Bell’s book TA-RA-RA-BOOM-DE-AY a complete history of the music business.   Click below for an excerpt from the book which recalls one [...] Continue reading

Cirkus Klauterwerck @ Amsterdam’s Radion: Fuck Gender, Pure Desire (Dec 19)

“Let’s travel back in time to a society where everybody was (at least) bisexual and break the boxes of homo- and heterosexuality once and forever......” Continue reading

Underground Berlin Light Expert’s ‘Dancefloor Design’ (interview)

“Nobody likes a party where the music is bad. A bad DJ will empty a venue a lot faster then a bad lights operator. But with lights you give a venue character, and you can turn an event into something special....." Continue reading

Fidelity Kastrow Releases on Sisyphon

Skrufff/ Sisyphos DJ Fidelity Kastrow releases her first EP on Sisyphos’ new label Sisyphon this week.... Continue reading

Skrufff Chart 744: Fidelity Kastrow/ DJ Angelo/ Luigi Madonna/ Elon/ Schmutz/ Wade/ Ray Okpara & Christian Nielsen/ Harry Romero

7 brand new Berlin tried and tested club tunes.....(including Fidelity Kastrow's debut Sisyphon release.....) Continue reading

20 Years of Australia’s IF? Records

"A whole generation has grown up around techno — a baby born in 1995 is now going to university. Key similarities? Good music is just that — good music.” Continue reading

Lady Bunny- Reviving Wigstock, Manhattan’s Kiddie Clubland and Ten Walls (Interview)

“Some straights hate gays. When they voice it publicly, we learn who our enemies are. I may get hate mail for this, but I believe in free speech. That means that you’re free to say whatever you like EVEN IF I DON’T LIKE IT...." Continue reading

Jamie Anderson on DJing Vs Skateboarding- You Can’t Fake Skateboarding (interview)

“The story generally portrayed in the recent Skateboarding documentaries is about what happened after the good times. When people who had a taste of fame and money had to face their demons . . . . ." Continue reading

Fidelity Kastrow’s 10 Hours in Hammahalle (Sisyphos)

“Thanks to everyone who was part of this magical 7AM till 5PM Mayday marathon . . . ." Continue reading

Amsterdam Night Mayor’s Clubland Dream

“In Holland if you’re caught with just one ecstasy tablet you can still get a criminal record but most young people here don't realise this......" Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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