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Fidelity Kastrow DJ

Skrufff Chart 744: Fidelity Kastrow/ DJ Angelo/ Luigi Madonna/ Elon/ Schmutz/ Wade/ Ray Okpara & Christian Nielsen/ Harry Romero

7 brand new Berlin tried and tested club tunes.....(including Fidelity Kastrow's debut Sisyphon release.....) Continue reading

Fidelity Kastrow’s 10 Hours in Hammahalle (Sisyphos)

“Thanks to everyone who was part of this magical 7AM till 5PM Mayday marathon . . . ." Continue reading

Fidelity Kastrow Live @ Sisyphos on Pioneer DJ Radio (Sunday 19.00 CET)

"I experience techno as being very liberating personally and I love to scream along to it at the top of my lungs when it comes to a peak. It really helps me deal with feelings of anger and aggression while it's also strangely spiritual to me......" Continue reading

Police Fail To Foil Secret Island Festival

“(Officer) Jorgen Persson says that it has been quieter than a Friday on the bridge in Grebbestad, where there are often three cases of assault on a Friday night. There were no reports of violence on the island at all . . ." Continue reading

Moving To Berlin? Pet Duo, Axel Bartsch, Ralf Gutterslut, Steffa Superheilig, Patrick DSP & Snuff Crew Discuss (feature)

    “A lot of times people move to Berlin for just three years or something and then they go back to America or Italy or whatever. But they bring the impact, the energy. That’s really good for the scene, because we have all these new people doing something, trying something. That’s why the music [...] Continue reading

Fidelity Kastrow: 21st Century Girl (video)

Spartak’s Martyn Walsh on Inspiral Carpets, Fidelity Kastrow & Noel Gallagher (interview)

      Legendary Madchester psychedelic rockers the Inspiral Carpets announced they’re reforming this week, featuring the original line-up of Stephen Holt and Clint Boon, Craig Gill, Graham Lambert and Martyn Walsh.   The Manchester group, who achieved four number one albums in the 90s, are working on new material, they revealed on their website, [...] Continue reading

Secret Island Nation Festival 09: Surviving the Tempest (& 96 hours of Partying)

    Take 300 or so mainly Berlin and Swedish DJs, artists, revellers and ravers and drop them on a deserted, treeless, infrastructure-less, Swedish island, for a few days or more. Add a sound system, generator, lighting rig, vegetarian café and water container and you’ve got the recipe for Secret Island Nation Festival, one of the best events [...] Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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