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Tanzanian Gay (& Gay-Friendly) Hate

        “If there’s a homosexual who has a Facebook account, or with an Instagram account, all those who ‘follow’ him, it is very clear that they are just as guilty as the homosexual.” (Guardian )   Leading Tanzania politician (and Dar es Salaam regional commissioner) Paul Makondapromises to use social media to [...] Continue reading

Milkshake Festival- Action clip (video)

      Click here for a short clip from Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival (2016)…..         Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (784): Monika Kruse meets Pig&Dan/ D-Nox & Beckers/ Circle of Life/ Midland/ DJ W!ld/ Mennie & Julien Sandre

Six more special tried and tested in Berlin club tunes (click to listen to them all......) Continue reading

Fidelity Kastrow Q&A with DMC Magazine

"Techno really helps me deal with feelings of anger and aggression while it´s also strangely spiritual to me . . . " Continue reading

No Fats, No Femmes Film Fights Dating Discrimination

"No Fats, No Femmes interrogates and explores desire and the ways in which it is deeply informed by media, pop culture, and capitalism through interviews, archival research, and performance......" Continue reading

Ted Cruz Taunted as Trump Triumphs

            Now ex-presidential candidate and still suspected mass murderer Ted Cruz was viciously condemned on social media again this week after he finally conceded defeat to Donald Trump.   “Ted cruz has dropped out of the presidential race to focus on his career of being a serial killer full time”, [...] Continue reading

Marc Bolan, The Associates & Velvet Underground Documentaries

3 fascinating rock documentaries on alternative icons the Associates, Velvet Underground and Marc Bolan..... Continue reading

UK Tech House DJ Stands Up for LGBT Rights

“House Music has given me a voice, a platform for expression, and generally a “passport” to experience this world globally. I want to give something back to the very source of the music and culture, from which it sprang......." Continue reading

British DJ Jailed in Goa

      Psy-trance DJ Allan Bainbridge, 49, was given a 10 years of ‘rigorous imprisonment’s sentence in an Indian court this week, after being found guilty of being in possession of LSD and MDMA. (Business-Standard:  )   The 49 year old Brit was arrested at his home in Anjuna in March 2014 as part [...] Continue reading

HSBC Sued Over Money-Laundering Murder Link

Four families of people murdered by Mexican drug gangs have launched a court case against HSBC accusing them of complicity by “knowingly providing financial services to the Mexican drug cartels and laundering billions of dollars of their illicit proceeds...." Continue reading

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