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British DJ Jailed in Goa

      Psy-trance DJ Allan Bainbridge, 49, was given a 10 years of ‘rigorous imprisonment’s sentence in an Indian court this week, after being found guilty of being in possession of LSD and MDMA. (Business-Standard:  )   The 49 year old Brit was arrested at his home in Anjuna in March 2014 as part [...] Continue reading

HSBC Sued Over Money-Laundering Murder Link

Four families of people murdered by Mexican drug gangs have launched a court case against HSBC accusing them of complicity by “knowingly providing financial services to the Mexican drug cartels and laundering billions of dollars of their illicit proceeds...." Continue reading

Limelight’s High End Restaurant Reincarnation

“It’s Harry Chapin going into Cat Stevens into the Beatles into James Taylor into Bob Marley, and then around 10, 11 o’clock, Jay Z and Guns n’ Roses..... Continue reading

50 Years of Acid Tests

        “I remember the band, the guys who later became the Grateful Dead, showing up and playing on our instruments and us playing on our instruments, and [On the Road hero Neal] Cassady being there and [Allen] Ginsberg and [novelist] Bob Stone and being up all night lying on the floor with [...] Continue reading

Armin Van Buuren’s Action Figure Gift

"It's impossible to embrace all my fans in the world, even though I want to......." Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (726): Paul C & Paolo Martini/ Pig&Dan meets Monika Kruse/ Marcman/ Stephan Bodzin/ Johannes Brecht/ Comfort Fit/ Hackman

7 super-groovy tried and tested Berlin new club killers..... (click to listen.....) Continue reading

Lil Louis Loses Half His Hearing But Vows To Carry On

        Chicago house pioneer Lil Louis has revealed that he suffered permanent hearing damage to his left ear in January when a DJ tour manager fired a CO2 cannon blaster machine by his head as he sound-checked at Manchester’s Sankeys.   Writing on Facebook the French Kiss producer vowed to continue his [...] Continue reading

Liverpool’s Garlands Fights Police Closure

Garlands has launched an official petition to save the acclaimed mixed gay northern clubbing institution..... Continue reading

Andrew Weatherall’s Beard Bargain

  “Not only is this a chance to own the beard, but it is also expected to have a steady revenue stream from appearances worldwide.” (CMU/ Ebay)   Anonymous sellers offer Andrew Weatherall’s ‘used’ beard for sale on Ebay (attracting bids in excess of £17,000 so far) to acquire the unique hair-piece.       [...] Continue reading

Straight-Edge Under 20s Snub ‘Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll’

        Generation Y young people are spurning drink and drugs because they’re either career obsessed and ambitious or too broke to party, the Daily Telegraph reported this week.   “Youth culture today is all about clean-living and wholesome hobbies,” the newspaper continued, “20 is the new 40”.   The article also [...] Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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