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Skrufff Chart (791): AFFKT/ Eats Everything/ Emery Warman/ Perfect Stranger/ Oliver Schories/ Natural Flow/ Gemini

7 more special tried and tested in Berlin club tunes- click to listen....... Continue reading

Sven Vath- Enjoy Yourself (‘Its Later Than . . .’)

"Dancing is good for life- dancing is very important.......” Continue reading

A Few of Jeff Buckley’s Finest Musical Moments

Dream Brother (live @ Glastonbury), Grace, Last Goodbye….. Continue reading

Classic Soft Cell, Gary Numan @ Synth Britannia (BBC documentary)

Classic video clips of Marc Almond meeting Amanda Lear and Tubeway Army from 1979..... Continue reading

Berghain’s Outsider Ethos

Sven Marquardt explains Berghain's infamous door policy...... Continue reading

Bad Boys & One Night Stands (back in the day . . .)

Men hoping to get away with having lots of one night stands should find an occupation that provides plenty of travel...... Continue reading

Gawker’s Billionaire Blues

Gawker bows out...... Continue reading

Dave Smith’s Synthesizer First Steps

Godfather of MIDI/ Prophet 5 guru Dave Smith recalls creating his first ever commercially available electronic music machine the Sequential (in 1974)..... Continue reading

Derrick Carter Vs Dumb DJ Requests

Derrick Carter in video (and audio) action...... Continue reading

Filipino Prisons (& Formation Dancing) videos

Dancing Inmates, Radio Gaga with Prisoners, Thriller, Manila: The Slum (documentary) (don’t get caught…….) Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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