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George Orwell’s Bohemian Chic

Classic George Orwell interview clips, texts and a fantastic documentary..... Continue reading

Trump Ghostwriter’s Apocalyptic Assessment

        Tony Schwartz, the journalist who ghost-wrote Donald Trump’s 80s biography “The Art of the Deal”, said he’s ashamed about his role in rebranding the spoilt playboy as a billionaire financial guru, telling the New Yorker ‘“I put lipstick on a pig’. (New Yorker )   Admitting he’d unequivocally sold out in agreeing [...] Continue reading

Thought Control, Political Correctness, David Icke & George Orwell

“Political correctness is language control. And language control is thought control. As George Carlin said, it is fascism pretending to be manners......" Continue reading

Big Brother Is Watching Your Playlists

“I’ve been working in biometrics for 20 years, and it’s reaching a tipping point where it’s going to be impossible not to understand where people are and what they are doing. Everything will be monitored . . . . ." Continue reading

NSA Operating Enemy Of the State-Style Social Media Surveillance

US secret police force the NSA are combining GPS tracking data with Facebook profiles, phone records and ‘contact chains’ of emails to build detailed profiles of vast numbers of people..... Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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