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Yoko Ono’s Timeless Spirit

Yoko Ono in classic 60s action (videos......) Continue reading

Janice Joplin’s Design for Life

“Man, I’d rather have 10 years of superhypermost than live to be 70 sitting in some goddamn chair watching television......" Continue reading

Tom Petty Vs Electric Daisy Carnival

"I knew it as soon as I saw the ad. I went, 'Ooh, dead people.' Do you need the money so bad that you'll put some kid's life at risk......" Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell on Reaching His 100% Crowd-funding- I Wouldn’t Recommend It.

"I don't think I'd go through it again. And I don't think I'd recommend crowd-funding whole-heartedly to new artists. It can be tough and confidence sapping......." Continue reading

Simon Napier Bell- Fancying Françoise Hardy (& Ending up with Amanda Lear)

In 1966, I was the music editor for the movie ‘What’s New Pussycat’ in which Françoise had a tiny but very alluring part. From seeing her face run through the moviola every day I became completely besotted. “Fuck being gay,” I decided. “This is what I really want........" Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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