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70s & 80s New York Street Life (Prostitutes and Pimps)

70s and 80s film clips of prostitutes, pimps, Times Square, Alphabet City and Danceteria...... Continue reading

Acid House Promoter Facing Jail for Bank Caper

80s rave pioneer Tony Colston-Hayter pleaded guilty this week to siphoning £1.3m from Barclays Bank using a sophisticated credit card scam, almost 25 years after he helped popularise acid house by promoting a series of huge raves in Southern England. Colston-Hayter created a ‘less cliquey, more democratic and more profitable version of acid house….’ Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell: Don’t You Know Who I Am?

In 1982, when Japan played their last gig - six consecutive nights at Hammersmith Odeon - David Bowie turned up at my invitation. At the car park entrance he opened the back window of his limo and told the security guard, “I’m David Bowie......" Continue reading

Gary Numan- classic interviews (youtube)

                  Gary Numan back in the (late 70s/ early 80s) day- a legend (and lovely bloke…….) Continue reading

Duran Duran’s Gay-Bashing Gauntlet

“Inevitably there was someone who wanted to pick a fight but you felt you wanted to stand out. You knew you had to go for it and to back out would have been complete defeat...” Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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