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Rich Ruining London Club Scene

"The people actually given licenses are rich magnates who don't know anything about working class people. . . All they know is posh kids for whom a £10 drink is nothing. Hence the £5,000 tables......" Continue reading

The Prodigy’s Middle Aged Spread

There comes a point where you don't want to be Uncle Alan at the wedding reception....." Continue reading

New York Clubland’s Camera Killers

“The scene has changed. Clubs aren’t the subversive pleasure palaces of yore. Now, it’s just a thousand shrieking girls taking selfies and dancing to “Wake Me Up” by Aviccii......." Continue reading

Tribal Gathering Founder In India Motorbike Accident Appeal

“Paul Shurey, has found himself in the most dire of situations. After a car crash he is In hospital and in intensive care in India. He is critically ill, the insurance won't pay out and he needs OUR help..." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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