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Party Police Vs Acid House Ravers

“I think we soon realized that they were no great threat to us in terms of overt violence......." Continue reading

London Loses Yet Another Underground Club to Property Developers

London Bridge under-the-arches club Crucifix Lane have announced they’re shutting down permanently after Easter..... Continue reading

LFO RIP (+ Skrufff interview with Mark Bell from 2004): LFO on Techno, Life and London- It Doesn’t Feel Like England . . .

“I was and am quite happy just making music for myself though when I heard the tape I thought ‘Brilliant, I can give this to Warp and they’ll stop pestering me every two years for new material....." Continue reading

Mark Bell (LFO) RIP

"It's with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Mark Bell of LFO......" Continue reading

Wreckage International (from Mutoid Waste to Burning Man) (Interview)

I love Glastonbury. But when I'm at the Burn (Burning Man) I'm so glad I don't have to deal with pissed up Brits pissing on my tent and trying to kick over my sculptures....." Continue reading

CeCe Rogers- Luck & Life (interview)

I haven't found the key to success. But I learned the key to failure is trying to please everybody......." Continue reading

Jimmy Cauty: The Art of Smiley Riot Shield Protest- I Am More of a Rough Chip Shop Artist.” (interview)

"It’s too late to change the world. If I could achieve an image on the (ITV) News at 10 of a thousand school kids running down Whitehall with smiley riot shields then that would be something worthwhile. . . The message lately has been all about projecting forward into a dystopian future and reporting back what I find there . . ." Continue reading

KLF Man Sells Acid House Riot Shields

“All shields are battle-scarred ex-UK police issue and are legal to own and hang on your wall as a work of art. Other uses may include sledging, self defence, peaceful protest, acid house revival parties etc…." Continue reading

Acid House Promoter Facing Jail for Bank Caper

80s rave pioneer Tony Colston-Hayter pleaded guilty this week to siphoning £1.3m from Barclays Bank using a sophisticated credit card scam, almost 25 years after he helped popularise acid house by promoting a series of huge raves in Southern England. Colston-Hayter created a ‘less cliquey, more democratic and more profitable version of acid house….’ Continue reading

CeCe Rogers- Keeping the (House) Faith (interview)

“Musicians can be extremely sensitive and I am not immune to criticism. But I've been in the game a long time and have learned that criticism and failure is part of the roads we will take. The important thing to do is when we go down these avenues, we must get back on the right road....." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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