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20 Years of Australia’s IF? Records

"A whole generation has grown up around techno — a baby born in 1995 is now going to university. Key similarities? Good music is just that — good music.” Continue reading

North Australian To Outlaw ‘Out-Of Control’ House Parties

Queensland authorities look set to introduce stiff fines and heavy prisoners for organisers of suburban ‘‘‘out-of-control’ private house parties, ‘defined as one involving 12 or more people, in which at least three are involved in unacceptable behaviours…...' Continue reading

Deepchild- on Pioneer DJ Radio- I’m trying to Rediscover Techno-Fundamentals (interview)

"I’m focusing more on fairly gritty, up-front techno in my dj-mixes, with a few subtle references to Afro-Futurism and artistic-practice thrown in along the way, by way of sound-snippets and spoken word....." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

Berlin Soul Syndication enquiries

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