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Vegas & Avicii Confirm End Of EDM

“People are sick of the DJs in Vegas. It’s ridiculous to have the same five or six guys, pay them a fortune and lose money . . . . ." Continue reading

US Mayor Agitates Against Avicii

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh promised to consider banning Avicii from his city this week after 36 revellers attending one of his events were hospitalised suffering from ‘intoxication’...... Continue reading

Wrangler’s Stephen Mallinder: Celebrity Culture Has Trivialised Music (interview)

“Many things have happened globally but popular music is just morphing and looping back on itself. The revolution is not going to come in the type of music people make but instead in how people actually make, listen, share and connect with music. It’s about how much we are adapting and customising our own bits of culture ........" Continue reading

Derrick Carter Campaigns Against EDM

"I would more than happily organize a rally in Wicker Park to demolish the hell out of some Aforjack & Avicii CDs....." Continue reading

Pan-Pot; Tracks of My Time (interview)

  Skrufff introduces a new Q&A series asking a bunch of our favourite DJs and friends what their favourite, not so favourite and life-defining tracks are. This week, Berlin tech/ house duo Pan-Pot share their selection.       Skrufff:  Your all-time favourite club track? (why?)   Pan-Pot (Thomas): “Green Velvet – Flash (The Advent [...] Continue reading

Paris Hilton Conquers Ibiza

Paris Hilton appears on course to supplant Tiesto, Avicii, Aoki, Deadmau5 and David Guetta as EDM’s next number one superstar DJ, after gossip site TMZ reported that Ibiza superclub Amnesia has already booked her for a season of gigs for summer 2014..... Continue reading

Next Generation Brit Girls ‘Want To Be Paris Hilton’

“Tonight was one of the most fun & incredible nights of my life! Loved seeing everyone smiling. Best party ever tonight at amnesia ibiza! Never seen it so packed & full of amazing energy......." Continue reading

DJ Skills No Longer Necessary for Superstar Success

“With these DJs, it’s not about spinning records, it’s about putting on a performance...." Continue reading

Vegas Gambles on Super-Rich Ravers

'We're not interested in competing against everyone to get the 21-year-olds that are going to spend little to no money and are going to clog up the hallways....." Continue reading

Seth Troxler Agitates Against Avicii

"If Avicii was here . I would definitely light dog shit in front of his door...." Continue reading

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