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Barefoot Doctor- on Umek and Sharing Samples (& Ideas)

"While Umek may possibly trigger a minuscule royalty drop or a momentary run of copyists, the rewards he reaps even just in terms of the love and gratitude he'll be receiving from fellow producers all round the world will be far greater, and in the milieu of that love opportunities will be offered to him......." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor; 24/7 Party People Versus Weekenders

What are the Advantages- & Pitfalls of Immersing Yourself 24/7 in a Lifestyle such as Clubbing…..? Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: Why shouldn’t Promoters Pursue Profit instead of Philanthropy?

"The profit-mongers are like leeches sucking the blood out of the party scene. Not that I'm biased or anything. But the sooner we reignite the trend for people putting on events for the love of it the better. That's where the whole scene started from in any case….." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit; Why Do So Many Prefer To Fit In?

"Fitting in, giving the right sets of signals, is an intrinsic aspect of the herd bonding mechanism. However with correct education from the start emphasizing the importance of original creative thinking and action, and of being your own person, the effects can be attenuated…." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: How Can You Change Your Way of Thinking?

"The only way we stand even a chance of redressing the balance now is through a revolution of thought, an internal revolution that occurs within each of us, not through force or fashion but by each of us actually wanting it…." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor Bit: What’s the best way to Handle Pressure and other People’s Expectations

"Most creative people are necessarily sensitive, often introvert, and absorbed in their art to the exclusion of much of what people regard as common sense….." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor: Can Rich People (And VIP bottle service) and the Underground ever Realistically Co-exist?

"Of course the vibe doesn't die overnight and there's a crossover period between the genuine scene and the faked up VIP version in which the two dance quite harmoniously with each other. But while that occurs, the real innovators have already moved elsewhere yet as soon as the word gets out, the VIP virus will spread there too like a contagion....." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor: Lowest Common Denominator Culture (& History)

"Reality is fed us in soundbites, on small windows we can flip away with a thumb swipe. The desire for introspection and to examine the human condition seems to be diminishing. And the democratization of culture is definitely reducing the general mainstream wash to new levels of inanity, albeit it hugely stylized inanity......" Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor; When Big Brother Really Is Watching

Last week the New York Times revealed that US secret police force the NSA are combining GPS tracking data with Facebook profiles, phone records and ‘contact chains’ of emails to build detailed profiles of vast numbers of people . . . Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor on Teaching Dancefloor Psychology

"It's always struck me that no matter how slick you get your act by carefully modeling your craft on the techniques and methods of the great innovators, when it comes to generating that primal excitement that makes the experience what it is at its best, it'll never replace true originality or genuine inspiration....." Continue reading

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