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Berghain’s Outsider Ethos

Sven Marquardt explains Berghain's infamous door policy...... Continue reading

Ministry Of Sound Deconstruct Berghain’s Door Policy

“Going in big groups seems out of the question, as does being foreign, wearing anything other than black and in some suppositions, being a straight man......" Continue reading

Berghain- Just Say ‘Nay’

8 key ‘Berlin slang terms you need to survive in the German jungle......' Continue reading

Electroclash Titan’s Berghain Tragedy

Thump Magazine's ‘Bullshitter’s guide to electroclash’ pulls no punches..... Continue reading

Berghain’s Homoerotic Halls

“The architecture of queer visibility . . . troubles the heterosexist perspective by overturning the social rules forbidding male spectacle within public space . . ." Continue reading

Berghain Door Policy Ever So Slightly Explained

Dressing in black and being in beautiful is less important than being open-minded and original to get into Berghain...... Continue reading

Russia’s ‘Enthusiasm for Homophobia’ Explained

The Moscow Times suggested this week that rising homophobia in Russia is being provoked by authorities deliberately encouraging gay hatred as a ‘political distraction'....... Continue reading

Paris Techno City – Concrete’s Brice Coudert (interview)

"There was a maximum of just five really cool parties per month, and it was always the same few people who were going out. Today you can count more than 15 very good parties every weekend and all of them are packed......" Continue reading

Monika Kruse Fights the Far Right @ Berghain (March 12)

“70 years after the National Socialist tyranny in Germany we’d like to celebrate society’s diversity through music, joy and togetherness and set an example for tolerance...." Continue reading

Berlin-Style All Night Warehouse Club Opens in Gothenburg (Nov 1)

“To be able to party all night we’ve formed an association to which only members have access. Therefore, every guest hast to register at least 24 hours before the event to become a supporting member....." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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