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Berlin’s East Side Story

"Just because there are no security guards, that does not mean that you can do what you want there......" Continue reading

Berlin Techno City- 25 Years On

"Berlin is, in effect,the anti-Paris — a capital of true grit where, in the hippest neighborhoods, Ferraris and BMWs are still more likely to be keyed than gawked at with envy...." Continue reading

Berliners Protest to Save the Berlin Wall (Sunday March 3)

“Berliners, part of the listed East Side Gallery are yet to be demolished and converted this March! Why? The reason is because a luxury residential development of the former death strip directly behind the East Side Gallery...." Continue reading

Norman Nodge: Berghain’s Part-Time Superstar DJ (extended interview)

“I never thought it would be realistic to make my living through DJing. I was thinking 'it's fine for me if I can make some money from parties to buy records, so I can afford my hobby'. I was happy with that..." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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