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Hipsters Help the Poor

"Bring on the hipsters - Gentrification is good for the poor......" Continue reading

Metrosexuals Make Room For Bearded Butchers

Lifestyle trendspotter guru Marian Salzman, who popularized Mark Simpson’s term ‘metrosexual’ in 2004, suggested this week that ‘what it means to be a man has evolved....' Continue reading

Spike Lee on Gentrification

Spike Lee in furious full flow against hipsters invading New York's outer Boroughs..... Continue reading

Press Play-School for Young EDM DJ Opens In New York

Hipster babies in Brooklyn are being offered 8 week classes on how to DJ using MIDI controllers after a canny music teacher noticed increasing numbers of infants playing professional DJ standard sets on their parents’ laptops..... Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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