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41 % of Russians Want to ‘Exterminate’ Gay Culture

".....authorities should persecute people with ‘untraditional sexual preferences’ in order to ‘exterminate the phenomenon’......." Continue reading

Mixmag Cover Georgia’s Pogrom Against Anti-Gay Hate Clubbers

Police in riot gear turn a blind eye as the horde tears a violent path through the city, led by men in black uniform shouting “Kill them!” and “Tear them to pieces!” They’re talking about Lamara . . . The men in black leading the horde are Georgian Orthodox priests, bent on executing a pogrom . . ." Continue reading

Duran Duran’s Gay-Bashing Gauntlet

“Inevitably there was someone who wanted to pick a fight but you felt you wanted to stand out. You knew you had to go for it and to back out would have been complete defeat...” Continue reading

GEMA Attacks Digital DJs

“DJs will have to pay for each song they bring to a club a license fee of € 0.13 plus tax plus any excess length surcharge. For many long-time DJs with great music databases that would mean economic ruin...." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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