Sisyphos LIVE DJ Mix (Easter Sunday)

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Vitaly Milonov (Russia’s nastiest dangerous homophobe) On Games of Thrones)

"Such works and their popularization introduce a new matrix to our minds......." Continue reading

GEMA’s ‘Fair’ Alternative Collection Agency Grows (Interview)

“One important thing is for all your readers to ask themselves whether they really want the current situation with GEMA to change or not. Now is their chance........" Continue reading

Wintergarten Spring (Sisyphos, Berlin) DJ mix

Hosting 2-3 day nonstop parties (which stretch to five days on Bank Holiday weekends), Sisyphos is a former dog biscuit factory in East Berlin, 1 mile past Ostkreuz, that attracts thousands to every party despite announcing line-ups one or two days before. Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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