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Butt & Better

Berlin Love Train ‘Demonstration’ Returns

Organisers of an upcoming Berlin street parade called the Love Train (Zug De Liebe’ have dismissed mainstream comparisons with the Berlin Love Parade.... Continue reading

Berlin- ‘Most Fun City’ – Official

"Berlin’s nightlife is justly world-renowned thanks to unpretentious dress codes, an inherently low-key/low-hype culture and a propensity to stay open until the last person is more or less stretchered out......" Continue reading

Butt & Better- Berlin’s Anti-Fashion Street Parade Returns (July 12, 5pm)

“Our catwalk: the asphalt between luxurious boutiques and cheap fashion chains. Show us your Trashion, 2nd hand and FairTrade clothes and costumes - or simply come naked....!' Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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