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London Loses Yet Another Underground Club to Property Developers

London Bridge under-the-arches club Crucifix Lane have announced they’re shutting down permanently after Easter..... Continue reading

Bizarre Inc. on the Prodigy, Major Label Disasters & (Re) Playing with Knives (interview)

"I am personally unabashedly jealous of Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. I remember for a while in America we were doing the same circuits and seemed to be following in their footsteps. Am I bitter? No......! " Continue reading

Scott Hardkiss RIP

“So sad that friend ?#ScottHardkiss has passed on! His music and vivid memories will stay in my heart! ?#RIP...." Continue reading

MOTOR- Death Rave; latest big-ups

My new remix of MOTOR’s single Death Rave is out this week in the States on Steve Aoki’s kabel Dim Mak (and on T Raumchmiere’s Shitkatapult in Europe). More DJs are getting behind it including this bunch below: Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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