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Telling the Truth (Gary Webb & Ricky Ross)

“Truth is not a major driver of why stories are shared. Think about urban legends. People pass on all sorts of things that aren’t true...." Continue reading

Felix Dennis R.I.P

“Fear nothing – failing that, fake it!' Billionaire publisher turned unrepentant crack fiend Felix Denis revealing the greatest lesson life taught him (click to watch several fascinating videos of him from the 70s to 2013.......) Continue reading

Freeway Rick Ross & the Dark Alliance CIA Conspiracy

“I worked out a plan to go legit and leave the drug life behind. This was before I learned that my drug source was actually an undercover operative for the DEA who sold drugs...." Continue reading

Metal Men’s Booze Blues

“Kicked dope and crack by myself . . . but I need help on this one. So all your thoughts and prayers are more than welcome . . . ." Continue reading

Depression’s Magic Mushroom Bullet Blocked

Leading British drugs expert Professor David Nutt has criticised regulations preventing him from starting a £500,000 trial to test the effectiveness of magic mushrooms in treating depression, despite a growing body of evidence proving their worth Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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