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Miami’s Main Attractions

“They were like bank robbers with badges....." Continue reading

Minimal Techno Chief Crowd-Funds for Detroit Club

Terrence Dixon has succeeded in raising enough money to ‘soft launch’ a new club in Detroit...... Continue reading

Billy Moore – Surviving Being Locked up in Thailand’s Bangkok Hilton (interview)

“I knew that being involved in drugs was a dangerous game. (But) I was careful and changed my phone and sim card once a week. As my paranoia increased, I had strong feelings of being watched, or followed......" Continue reading

John Foxx- It Feels Like a Time- Bomb is Ticking (interview)

Drive around East Manchester and see a manifestation of a wasted nation . . .A Ballardian manifestation of all our true inner psyches, our collective nervous system laid out as shattered architecture. Successive governments ignore it all . . Everyone stranded - and it rains.....” Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

Berlin Soul Syndication enquiries

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