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david guetta

Paris Hilton’s DJ debut (Youtube)- MAY OFFEND!!!!!

        in the words of Sebastien Leger ‘How low this industry has gone ???               Continue reading

Tiesto’s Jesus Christ Pose Confession

Tiesto on the problems of raising your arms in the air (with fingers pointing) on TV shows such as the Grammys...... Continue reading

David Guetta’s Food For Thought

Pop-dance DJ David Guetta insisted on sharing his salad with a Rolling Stone journalist this week.... Continue reading

Paris Hilton’s Soundcloud Smash

Billionaire heiress Paris Hilton has taken the next step in her surely unstoppable campaign to become EDM’s next Swedish House Mafia/ Tiesto style superstar DJ Continue reading

Syndicating Germany Calling?

If you are a radio station interested in broadcasting our weekly radio Show Germany Calling please contact:
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