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Underground Resistance on B-52s Saving Detroit

“The B52s had a huge influence, I don't why, but cats wouldn't fight off that record......." Continue reading

Detroit- (Hopefully) Not the New New York

“New York is an overpriced, overrated, overvalued place....." Continue reading

Techno Godfather Goes Back to School

It was never about trying to make money. It was always about who could play the best records and who had the best reaction from the crowd......." Continue reading

Seth Troxler Speaks Up Again Against Bigotry & Racism

Underground house star Seth Troxler continued his campaign to politicize clubbers and inspire outsiders this week..... Continue reading

Minimal Techno Chief Crowd-Funds for Detroit Club

Terrence Dixon has succeeded in raising enough money to ‘soft launch’ a new club in Detroit...... Continue reading

Sean Ray- Underground Resistance & the EDM ‘Trap’ (interview)

“I am all about tearing down the mediocrity of what has become of dance music. Calling out the DJs and producers that are taking the easy way out. Chastising the use of sync buttons, relying solely on loops and prefab. Speaking against those who seek fame and attention instead of building a relationship and connection with the music......" Continue reading

Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) DJ Mix on Pioneer DJ Radio (30 August)

"I mixed it all in real time using a Numark VJ mixer. Sadly I have thousands of pieces of vinyl still in storage, and I’ve never really used CDs – when I moved to Brighton space was at a premium and I wasn’t DJing out much so I shifted to digital mixing. But at least it’s all live...." Continue reading

Seth Troxler: Do I Feel Lucky? Yeah! (interview)

“I've had good luck my whole life, unexplainable luck. I found a four-leaf clover when I was six and ever since then it's been pretty cool.....” Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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