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Philosopher Argues Don’t Punish Any Drug Users At All

“I think it’s wrong to punish people just to get them not to do something bad......" Continue reading

Drugs, Abstinence & Miles Davis

"Who says that the only correct model of living is abstinence, austerity, and therefore longevity.....?" Continue reading

Amsterdam Night Mayor’s Clubland Dream

“In Holland if you’re caught with just one ecstasy tablet you can still get a criminal record but most young people here don't realise this......" Continue reading

Poison Ant Drug Craze Rocks Dubai

Fresh reports of teenagers in Dubai catching and crushing samsun black ants and smoking them in tobacco joints to get high have appeared in UAE press.... Continue reading

MI5 Prefer Ketamine Users Over Ecstasy Fans

“We realise that some of our candidates may have experimented with drugs in the past and this need not be a bar to your application....." Continue reading

Lemmy On Getting Old

“You can’t drink anything but water and you can’t eat anything but fibrous bread......" Continue reading

Stephen Fry’s Cocaine Confession

“I didn’t take coke because I was depressed or under pressure. I didn’t take it because I was unhappy......" Continue reading

Dubai Court Shows No Mercy to Tortured Brit

United Arab Emirates authorities have upheld a 21 year old Berkshire student’s 9 year jail term for possessing a single line of cocaine and ‘refused to consider his forced confession and torture as evidence in support of his appeal...... Continue reading

US Mayor Agitates Against Avicii

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh promised to consider banning Avicii from his city this week after 36 revellers attending one of his events were hospitalised suffering from ‘intoxication’...... Continue reading

Studio 54 documentaries

“Nobody was going to get on the stand and testify that they had never done cocaine or had sex in the basement....." Continue reading

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