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EDM the new IDM?

‘Techno is just a fad, when it dies down everything will go back to industrial....." Continue reading

Robert F.X. Sillerman: Einstein & the Death of EDM

SFX’s bankruptcy announcement is ‘as resonant a sound of the EDM bubble bursting as any......’ Continue reading

Amsterdam’s Studio 80 Shuts Down

"This week, we received the news that our club has been sold to a new owner. Therefore Studio 80 as you know it will cease to exist. It’s no secret that the news came as a sudden shock to us all, leaving our team behind devastated.....” Continue reading

DJ Kaskade’s Rainy Rave

“A downpour makes it more memorable......" Continue reading

We Are Your Friends Bombs

EDM Hollywood movie We Are Your Friends performs worse than ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven 2’ though slightly better than Delgo and ‘Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure".... Continue reading

We Are Your Friends- How to be an (EDM) Superstar DJ

Alesso offers essential superstar DJ tips for rocking an EDM arena.... Continue reading

Bob Guccione Jr. & Dave Clarke Vs EDM

“The commodification of music is so complete that artists these days create songs thinking they would make a good car commercial........" Continue reading

Laurent Garnier Vs EDM

“It was awful, because before me there was Jeff Mills — no one danced....." Continue reading

Koh Pha Ngan Bans Almost All Island Parties

"The Surat Thani governor on March 25 ordered Koh Pha Ngan district to put up an announcement on the ban for party organisers and others until organisers can find a way to solve the problems..... Continue reading

‘Underground’ To Replace EDM at US Festivals?

“EDM is killing the world, really......." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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