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Drug Deaths Force Fabric To Close

“For the past 2 years fabric has operated without incident but tragically in the past 9 weeks two 18-year-old boys have died as a consequence of drug overdoses..." Continue reading

DJ Magazine Launch ‘Save Our Clubs’ Campaign

“At the moment, it seems like every month there's another established nightclub under threat...." Continue reading

London Club Owners Ally Against Nightlife Crackdown

“The attitude of authorities today is that businesses need to be reigned in and the public have to be limited,” he told the Ransom Note, “Forget cities like Berlin, Paris, Barcelona- London and UK cities are controlled zones. ........" Continue reading

DJ Ariel on Leaving London (interview)

“If you walk in the streets of London today everyone looks the same. You no longer see crazy people walking round like you used to. Nightclub culture and the music industry has almost entirely evaporated....." Continue reading

London’s fabric Faces Uncertain Future

Underground nightlife institution fabric is being forced to introduce ID scanning systems, sniffer dogs and total CCTV coverage inside the venue, after cops urged councillors to close the club..... Continue reading

London Clubs Mobilise Against ‘Groping and Bum-slapping’

“Groping, bum-slapping and sexually aggressive behaviour are all too common aspects of nights out in London....." Continue reading

Fabric Focuses on Sex Pest Campaign

“We have an undercover team whose sole responsibility is to protect customers from pickpockets and 'gropers’..." Continue reading

Ben Klock on Berghain, Berlin and Fabric (interview)

""I am hardworking, yes, but for me it's always a challenge to deal with these distractions I'm constantly working, but sometimes only on distractions like answering emails and all the other stuff so I don't find time to make music anymore. I DJ a lot so my main focus is on that- to be a good DJ and to give everything...." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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