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Simon Napier-Bell’s Secrets of Superstar (DJ) Success

“Let's face it - the whole thing is a façade. Being strictly underground is playing safe - you have your niche market and it will keep you in gigs and money to live........" Continue reading

Rolf Harris’ Celebrity Sex Crime Link

      Leading British psychotherapist and author Phillip Hodson, of the UK Council for Psychotherapy has linked disgraced paedophile Rolf Harris’ sex offences to his lifelong quest for fame, telling the Observer this week ‘he was emotionally tied up in his art, he suffered from intense loneliness and depression.’   “People who want to [...] Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell- Eartha Kitt, Wham & the 2 Faces Of Fame

. The pop business isn’t like the movie business – fans fall for artists who are meant to be the real thing, not false faces. For pop stars, the stage begins each day on the public side of their front door. That’s where the paparazzi will be waiting. And you’d better not be hiding too much of your real self......" Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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