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US Mom Bashes Breaking Bad Dolls

Family values crusader Susan Myers has launched an online petition protesting about Toys R Us’s decision to stock highly collectible figurines of Breaking Bad stars Walter White and Jesse Pinkman...... Continue reading

85% of Insects ‘Mistakenly’ Go Gay

A new study examining why almost nine out of ten male spiders and insects routinely indulge in gay sex has suggested that most do it because, as well as being desperate for sex generally, they’re confused by pheromones from previous male/ female encounters...... Continue reading

Doomsday Prophet Facing Financial Day of Judgement

Harold Camping’s sinister End Times organisation Family Radio is running out of money, USA Today reported this week, less than two years after the 91 year old preacher predicted incorrectly (for the second time) that the world was about to be consumed by biblical flames.... Continue reading

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