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Trade’s Straight/ Gay Mix

“No one knew what Aids was about so you would have guys leaving clubs at 3am and they wanted to meet, get off with people, whatever, and they were being attacked......" Continue reading

Wolf + Lamb Producer Apologises for Homophobic Rant Against RA Writer

"andrewryce I was doing my dissertation at Fabric with Craig Richards before you came in someone’s ass....." Continue reading

1920s Gay Berlin

Berlin gay museum archivist Jens Dobler notes that Berlin was so tolerant during the Weimar Republic era that 30 different newspapers were printed for the city’s then huge queer population..... Continue reading

Iran Bans ‘Gay’ Spiked’ Hair-styles

Iranian barbers’ union chief Mostafa Govahi has announced an extended ban on ‘homosexual’ and ‘devil-worshipping’ hairstyles...... Continue reading

Rats on Ecstasy Go Gay

The results indicate that putative heterosexual adult male rats can readily develop a conditioned same-sex socio/sexual partner preference....... Continue reading

Ear Wax Sexuality Secrets Exposed

Scientists from America’s Monell Chemical Senses Center announced this week that chemicals found in people’s earwax can reveal their sexual preferences ….. Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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