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The Secret of Psy-Trance’s Success

“Shpongle have become the new Grateful Dead in America, selling out arenas like Red Rocks. Continue reading

Koh Pha Ngan Bans Almost All Island Parties

"The Surat Thani governor on March 25 ordered Koh Pha Ngan district to put up an announcement on the ban for party organisers and others until organisers can find a way to solve the problems..... Continue reading

Old Skool Rave links (DIY live in 92, Desert Storm)

Classic video documentaries including Storming Sarajevo (Documentary about UK sound system Desert Storm visiting Bosnia in the 90s) & DiY Digs & Woosh Castlemorton 1992 (live DJ set recorded at Britain’s most infamous 90s rave...) Continue reading

Return to the Source Return To The Source (interview)

"In one respect, the scene was swallowed up by the mainstream and became diluted. In one sense it was great to hear trance tunes on TV ads and movies, but the people making music wanted to evolve and move on. And like us, I think a lot of people got tired. Tired of the commerciality and tired of the pressure, and for many people tired of making and playing the same music......" Continue reading

Tribal Gathering Founder In India Motorbike Accident Appeal

“Paul Shurey, has found himself in the most dire of situations. After a car crash he is In hospital and in intensive care in India. He is critically ill, the insurance won't pay out and he needs OUR help..." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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