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Classic 80s Goth video clips (Batcave/ Specimen/ Cult)

Fascinating video clips from Britain's uber-flamboyant uber-wild pre-acid house underground club culture of the 80s.... Continue reading

Next Generation Brit Girls ‘Want To Be Paris Hilton’

“Tonight was one of the most fun & incredible nights of my life! Loved seeing everyone smiling. Best party ever tonight at amnesia ibiza! Never seen it so packed & full of amazing energy......." Continue reading

Manchester Police Define Subculture Attacks as Hate Crimes

Police in Manchester are to classify violent assaults against punks, goths, heavy metal fan and transgender people as hate crimes... Continue reading

Life, Death & Danceteria Mash-Ups

. .     20 odd years ago, Jonty Skrufff lived and almost died in New York City, suffering a horrific lift accident at seminal 80s club Danceteria (where he worked at the time). Crushed and literally dragged between the base of the lift and the wall of its shaft, he suffered six normally mortal [...] Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

Berlin Soul Syndication enquiries

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