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Financial Times – Ibiza Not as Good As Before

Financial Times ‘pop critic’ Ludovic Hunter-Tilney complaining about Pacha not being decadent enough...... Continue reading

Space Ibiza’s VIP/ EDM Future

“Obviously we want to keep it as a club, but ........" Continue reading

Remembering Amnesia’s Good Old Days

John Digweed looks back...... Continue reading

Ibiza Cops Vs Tini’s Gang

“its sad to see ibiza changing so much . . and not for the better......" Continue reading

Guy Gerber’s DJ Request Drama

Are America's Hamptons the new Ibiza......? Continue reading

Berlin Snubs ‘hypercapitalist superclub ethic’

“In terms of nightlife, in some ways it's the opposite of the glitz and expense of Ibiza; Berlin is raw and scruffy and relatively cheap still....." Continue reading

Ibiza Superstar DJ Fees Vs the Rest

“They'll often claim to have no budget, while they're paying some headliner thousands every week. It's quite an ugly attitude...." Continue reading

Kenny Larkin Lashes Paris Hilton

US house legend Kenny Larkin launched a facebook tirade against Amnesia Ibiza’s newest superstar DJ Paris Hilton, this week, complaining about her ‘representing the face of dance music today.... Continue reading

Steve Aoki & Paris Hilton’s Superstar DJ Tips

EDM icon Steve Aoki has revealed that he uses cake throwing and crowd-surfing in a rubber boat as key artistic elements to enhance the narrative of his carefully crafted DJ sets..... Continue reading

Super-Rich Invade Ibiza & Vegas

EDM superstar Afrojack admitted he only plays in Ibiza ‘for the money’ this week, complaining to the BBC ‘it has become too VIP’...... Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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