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Pioneer Take on Technics 1210 Turntable

Pioneer re-entered the vinyl DJ market dramatically this week unveiling a direct drive high-end turntable (PLX-1000) with numerous similarities to Technics’ once ubiquitous club standard machine the 1210 (which went out of production in 2010.....) Continue reading

Ibiza Official Street Crime Alert

“Stick with your friends, don’t walk home alone or with someone you don’t trust......." Continue reading

Ibiza’s Danny Whittle – I Hate the VIP Concept (interview)

"In Ibiza we have 30,000 plus people clubbing every night, seven nights a week, does that happen in Berlin? I don’t think so. Ibiza tries to cater for across the board club entertainment, the reach goes from the most commercial to very underground and that’s what makes it the clubbing capital...." Continue reading

Mark Broadbent: From We Love (Ibiza) to Barbarella (Croatia) (interview)

"All my comments were based on frustration, at seeing something I love changing and being taken over by people who I believed to be less than sympathetic to the lifestyle that we have grown to love here. A bit like the people who we took over from all those years ago would have been about myself...." Continue reading

Wrangler’s Stephen Mallinder: Celebrity Culture Has Trivialised Music (interview)

“Many things have happened globally but popular music is just morphing and looping back on itself. The revolution is not going to come in the type of music people make but instead in how people actually make, listen, share and connect with music. It’s about how much we are adapting and customising our own bits of culture ........" Continue reading

British Airways Goes Raving Mad

“Cheer as an aircraft flies over you at Bora Bora beach, Ibiza . . . make a friend for life at one of Ibiza’s legendary clubs - Pacha, Space, DC10...” Continue reading

Essential Ibiza- New DJ Mix by Jonty Skrufff

    Click here to listen to a brand new mix I’ve done for Essential Ibiza: apparently it’s the deepest and hardest they’ve ever broadcast….. Continue reading

Loco Dice Leaves Ibiza

“I’d like to announce that after 15 amazing years with Ibiza as my summer base, and an amazing USED + ABUSEDseason, it’s time to put in work on a few special projects ..... Continue reading

Ibiza Residents Mobilise Against Oil Drilling Plans

“Many people think it's just a bad joke, but the fact is that the Scottish oil company Cairn Energy, in association with the Spanish government, is planning to drill for oil in the waters of the Balearic Sea…." Continue reading

Barefoot Doctor: Can Rich People (And VIP bottle service) and the Underground ever Realistically Co-exist?

"Of course the vibe doesn't die overnight and there's a crossover period between the genuine scene and the faked up VIP version in which the two dance quite harmoniously with each other. But while that occurs, the real innovators have already moved elsewhere yet as soon as the word gets out, the VIP virus will spread there too like a contagion....." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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