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IPM Roma

CeCe Rogers- Keeping the (House) Faith (interview)

“Musicians can be extremely sensitive and I am not immune to criticism. But I've been in the game a long time and have learned that criticism and failure is part of the roads we will take. The important thing to do is when we go down these avenues, we must get back on the right road....." Continue reading

IPM Roma 2013- Rio Music Conference Returns to Rome (interview)

IPM has an innovative approach of? networking and gathering the trade for doing business and also discussing the industry in a new ?perspective and it has, over the past two years, opened my mind to new kinds of partnerships...." Continue reading

IPM Roma 2013- Awakenings Chief- DJs Who Don’t Produce Are Over (interview)

“Don't give me CDS. Email me and send the two best tracks you've made. Please also note that I only consider booking new artists for Awakenings if they are already producing......" Continue reading

IPM Roma 2013- Brands, Parties & Promoters: Daniel Cross

from working with musicians over the past 10 years I have to say, first and foremost you have to be making music for the love of it not for the (distant) potential to get rich, its a long and rocky road.....!" Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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