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James Palumbo

London Club Chiefs’ Bullet Proof Vest Battles

Fabric founder Keith Reilly chatted to Vice magazine last month about the problems he faced by when drug-dealing gangsters tried to take over his East London super club..... Continue reading

Ministry of Sound Survives Existential Threat

"It’s taken five long years, but we vowed to keep fighting until we’d secured our future. It was that simple….." Continue reading

Ministry Of Sound Accuse Property Developers of Killing London Clubland

“Over the past decade all of London’s big clubs have closed as a result of redevelopment. We’re the last man standing. Do you want to bring the shutters down on nightclubs in London for good...?” Continue reading

Ministry Man Bashes Profiteer Property Developers

“We pay tens of millions in PAYE, corporation tax, national insurance, VAT. That property is owned by a British Virgin Islands company which is owned by clients of a Swiss bank. I don’t see why my business should die to facilitate an offshore company making profits from luxury flats . . ." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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