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jeff mills

Laurent Garnier Vs EDM

“It was awful, because before me there was Jeff Mills — no one danced....." Continue reading

Sven Von Thülen on the Death of De:Bug Magazine (interview)

"It brought things like cultural studies, politics, techno, the digital revolution and nerdism together in way that hadn't been done before. Not everything always made sense, to the point it would annoy you sometimes, but that was part of its charm......." Continue reading

Tribal Gathering Founder In India Motorbike Accident Appeal

“Paul Shurey, has found himself in the most dire of situations. After a car crash he is In hospital and in intensive care in India. He is critically ill, the insurance won't pay out and he needs OUR help..." Continue reading

Norman Nodge: Berghain’s Part-Time Superstar DJ (extended interview)

“I never thought it would be realistic to make my living through DJing. I was thinking 'it's fine for me if I can make some money from parties to buy records, so I can afford my hobby'. I was happy with that..." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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