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KLF Man’s Latest Smiley Riot Shields (Almost) Sell Out

Jimmy Cauty revealed this week that the latest limited (Glitter) edition of his hand painted smiley riot shields is about to sell out, despite each shield now costing £1,000...... Continue reading

Jimmy Cauty: The Art of Smiley Riot Shield Protest- I Am More of a Rough Chip Shop Artist.” (interview)

"It’s too late to change the world. If I could achieve an image on the (ITV) News at 10 of a thousand school kids running down Whitehall with smiley riot shields then that would be something worthwhile. . . The message lately has been all about projecting forward into a dystopian future and reporting back what I find there . . ." Continue reading

KLF Man Sells Acid House Riot Shields

“All shields are battle-scarred ex-UK police issue and are legal to own and hang on your wall as a work of art. Other uses may include sledging, self defence, peaceful protest, acid house revival parties etc…." Continue reading

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