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Steve Albini Vs Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

"I detest club culture as deeply as I detest anything on earth......" Continue reading

Electronic Sound Magazine Launches Kraftwerk Crowd-funding Campaign

"I’m beginning to wonder if print might come to occupy a similar position that vinyl now does – as desirable, low-run, collectible objects for enthusiasts. A print magazine is a beautiful thing when done well, and there will always be people who will buy print magazines, but mass-market publishing will eventually abandon print....." Continue reading

Kraftwerk Case’s ‘Chilling’ Consequences for Sampling

Producers who use samples of anyone else’s master recording, no matter how small and no matter whether they use it commercially or not, risk ruinous legal action..... Continue reading

Kraftwerk Rockpalast 1970 (live video)

      German counterculture from 1970 captured on camera…..     Continue reading

Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire)- ‘I Work to Live and I Live to Make Music (interview)

Originally we were football . . . well not hooligans but bad lads. Richard and I first met at matches and were... mmm I shouldn’t say skinhead because it was before that period but ..." Continue reading’s Top 50 Most Influential Dance Tracks Ever: DJ by DJ: the 1st 10

Compiled by Jonty Skrufff:     Individual DJ Top 10s : Ade Fenton : Alisson Gothz : Ascii Disco : Camilo Rocha : Chris Finke : Chris Fortier : Christian Smith : Christopher Lawrence : Danny Howells : Dave Clarke Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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