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Jonathan Dickens on Berlin’s Techno Terror Transformation

"They don't moan about techno parties, for the sound of people having fun in a place that has witnessed so much horror is a vindication of what they have worked for......." Continue reading

Berlin Graffiti Artists Destroy Their Art to Fight Gentrification

“While Berlin on the one hand prides itself on its art scene, its failed urban development and cultural policy squandered much of the city’s rare spatial potential...." Continue reading

Berlin in Flames (Fireworks & WW2) videos

Neukoln* Kreuzberg New Years Eve street celebrations and video clips from the 30s and 40s of Berlin….. Continue reading

Panorama Bar’s DJ Steffi- I’m Definitely Not An Entertainer (interview)

"I tend to believe in fate and destiny rather than luck. If you stay sincere and true to yourself and to other people I think you create some kind of positive environment for yourself. And that's the best recipe for you to create your path..." Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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