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Liverpool’s Garlands Fights Police Closure

Garlands has launched an official petition to save the acclaimed mixed gay northern clubbing institution..... Continue reading

Julian Cope Heroes (US abolitionist John Brown & George Gurdjieff)

“There’s a Princeton professor of Neurology who says a certain amount of brain damage is essential and I’d always quote him when my mother-in-law was going ‘Julian, I'd really like you to stop taking LSD from the point of view of my grandchildren'........." (plus a couple of Teardrop Explodes classics.....) Continue reading

Billy Moore – Surviving Being Locked up in Thailand’s Bangkok Hilton (interview)

“I knew that being involved in drugs was a dangerous game. (But) I was careful and changed my phone and sim card once a week. As my paranoia increased, I had strong feelings of being watched, or followed......" Continue reading

Berlin Soul – Psalm 23 Show

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